Meet Your Board

The LCCC Board of Trustees is elected by Laramie County voters into these non-paid community roles. Three or four seats are available on rotating general election years. Here's a glimpse into your current trustees. The answers here are edited responses to two questions we gave them: Why did you want to be a trustee? What does LCCC mean to the community?

group photo of the LCCC Board members

Jess E. Ketcham

Senior Budget Analyst, State of Wyoming | Elected in 2016

"I wanted to help develop and implement an innovative plan for the future to keep LCCC on the forefront of higher education and to keep providing quality services to the community as a whole. Everyone at LCCC is working towards the goal of providing a quality education in all realms so that employers can find employable candidates to help fill needed positions in the community workforce."

Carol Merrell

Real Estate Owner & Manager | Elected in 2010

"I wanted to be a part of LCCC's future in a meaningful way. LCCC is the center for higher learning in Laramie County. We have programs for current students, seniors and children. The campus also offers space to different organizations and clubs."

Bob Salazar

Retired | Elected in 2016

"I believe in contributing more than I take and hope to be able to make a difference addressing the strategic focus and challenges of the college. LCCC is a hidden gem for many in the community, but for many who have been students, parents of students, and employee contributors, LCCC has been vital in providing the programs, services and education."

Bradley Barker III

Hathaway Scholarship Consultant, Wyoming Department of Education | Elected in 2014

"LCCC has a special place in my heart. They gave me my first job out of college and really helped drive my passion for higher education. This is an opportunity to give back to the institution and the community. LCCC offers the opportunity to receive an incredible education at an affordable price. LCCC continues to forge ahead in innovation and helping students succeed not only in the classroom but beyond."

Don Erickson

Retired | Elected in 2012

"I have been a supporter of LCCC since its beginning, and advancing higher education in Cheyenne has been a special interest of mine. LCCC means a lot to our community. Not only educationally, but economically as well. It's an affordable means to a degree or career valued credential. LCCC is an essential economic engine. I am delighted to be a part of this fine institution."

Brenda Lyttle

Attorney, Lyttle Law Group, LLC | Elected in 2006

"I wanted to support LCCC in the community. I've taken classes at LCCC and been involved in their arts programs. I wanted to be a community voice in supporting and growing the college. LCCC brings young people and vibrancy into our community. LCCC supports jobs and careers. It brings learning, technology, sports and arts into our culture. LCCC is our shining gem on the plains."

Wendy Soto

Executive Director, Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct & Ethics | Elected in 2016

"LCCC helped me change my life. Because of the college's education and support, I earned a degree and the self-confidence to believe my life—and the lives of my children—could be better. For 50 years, LCCC has provided opportunity: for education, training, life enrichment, employment and much more. It's a safe place to explore academics and job training, to make lifelong friends, to find the future."

We also asked each trustee: Describe LCCC in one word.

  • Inspirational
  • Innovative
  • Unity
  • Opportunity
  • Trailblazer
  • Lifeblood
  • Amazing