Policies & Procedures: 2.0 Academic Affairs

2.1 Degrees and Certificates Policy

2.1.1P Degrees and Certificates Procedure
2.1.2P Course Substitution Procedure

2.2 General Education Policy

2.2P General Education Procedure 

2.3 Curriculum Development and Approval Policy

2.3.1P Program Development and Approval Procedure
2.3.2P Course Development and Approval Procedure
2.3.3P Course and Program Deactivation and Hiatus

2.4 Number will be assigned to a future policy.

2.4P Number will be assigned to a future procedure.

2.5 Academic Forgiveness Policy

2.5P Academic Forgiveness Procedure

2.6 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy

2.6P Institutional Review Board (IRB) Procedure

2.7 Minimum Faculty Qualifications Policy

2.7P Minimum Faculty Qualifications Procedure

2.8 Honors Policy

2.8P Honors Procedure

2.9 Library: Patron Privacy Policy

2.9P Library: Patron Privacy Procedure

2.10 Limited Enrollment Programs Admission Policy

2.10P Limited Enrollment Programs Admission Procedure

2.12 Academic Standards Policy

2.12P Academic Standards Committee Procedure

2.13 Strategic Course Enrollment Policy

2.13P Course Enrollment Management Procedure

2.14 and 2.15 will be reassigned to new policies.

2.14P and 2.15P will be reassigned to new procedures.

2.16 Grade Appeals Policy

2.16P Grade Appeals Procedure

2.17 Faculty Promotion and Rank Policy

2.17P Faculty Promotion and Rank Procedure

2.18 Workload, Full-Time Faculty Policy

2.18P Workload, Full-Time Faculty Procedure

2.19 Online Instruction

2.19P Online Instruction

Academic Program Review Policy (See Policy 10.2)

Academic Program Review Procedure (See Procedure 10.2P)