Student Complaint Process - Institutions of Higher Education Operating in Wyoming

Complaints related to quality of education:  

If you are a student located in Wyoming with a complaint related to quality of education, submit to Wyoming Department of Education.

Complaints related to consumer protection:  

Complaints related to consumer protection should be submitted to the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office. For more information, please visit the Wyoming Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit website.

Complaints related to distance education:  

If you are located in a state that is part of SARA, including Wyoming, and your complaint is related to consumer protection in the context of distance education, the complaint may be submitted to the Fiscal Team Leader of the Wyoming Community College Commission.

For more information, please visit the Wyoming Community College Commission website.

For a list of states that have joined SARA, please see the SARA-Participating Institution Directory.  

If you are not located in a state that has joined SARA, please follow the complaint processes for quality of education and consumer protection outlined above.