LCCC's Mascot - Talon

Talon the LCCC mascot

Meet Talon, Laramie County Community College's not-so-ordinary Golden Eagle mascot. Talon is the fluttering heart of LCCC's events, from hyping up athletics games to making commencement ceremonies truly take flight. .

But Talon isn't confined to campus glory – this golden wonder spreads its wings at Cheyenne Frontier Days parades, stealing the spotlight and leaving the crowd ruffling with applause. Elementary school events? Talon is the kid-approved superstar, bringing laughter and joy wherever those golden feathers go.

In a nutshell, Talon is more than a mascot; it's the embodiment of LCCC's spirit, cheering on those who change lives with the power of inspired learning. Whether you catch a glimpse at a game, a graduation, or a local parade, Talon brings the magic, turning every event into a wing-flapping spectacle.

Talon the mascot in the arena with "home of the golden eagles" on a sign

Talon the mascot in downtown Cheyenne by a boot scuplture

Talon the mascot in the Dining Hall on campus with The Grinch decorating for the holidays



Talon the mascot standing near an eagle scuplture on campus

Talon the mascot outside the Wyoming State Capitol

Talon the mascot high fiving a group of students

Talon the mascot riding a horse at the Shawn Dubie Rodeo

Talon the mascot riding in a car for the Cheyenne Frontier Days parade


Before Talon, LCCC's mascot was simply called "The Golden Eagle."

LCCC's mascot before Talon, the Golden Eagle.