Pathway: Communication & Creative Arts

If you have a passion for creating, performing or sharing your ideas, the Communication & Creative Arts Pathway may be a great choice for you.

These programs study human creativity and communication, while providing hands-on methods of expression, with options for a variety of careers.

Photo of the LCCC art gallery with the LCCC student art show up and people looking at the show.

student in a classroom talking with an instructor

Communication & Creative Arts Program

The Communication & Creative Arts Program is designed for students who wish to explore and prepare for a wide range of transfer options, including fine arts, humanities, English, Spanish and/or communication. Students with these skills prepare themselves to navigate complex working environments, to make difficult ethical choices, to contribute to their community, and to develop their creativity.    

The Pathway Program is a great option for students who want a broad understanding of this area, those who intend to continue their education at a four-year institution, as well as those who are unsure which Communication and Creative Arts program is best for them. Students can easily transfer into a specific Communication and Creative Arts program after starting here.

student painting

Art Program

Students in the Art program receive hands-on training in a range of art media and techniques in a studio setting. They learn about art history and concepts that are explored in their own artwork. Students have the opportunity to participate in a juried art exhibition each spring.

Graduates from the program may go directly to work as professional artists, illustrators or designers. Students may wish to continue their education at a four-year college to become art teachers or art therapists, among other careers.


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Music Program

Students learn music and aural theory, and then apply those principles. All music students are involved in ensembles (such as choir, band and string orchestra), where they give performances and have opportunities to travel and collaborate with other ensembles. Typically, students joining the music program have experience playing an instrument or singing.

Music graduates often continue their education at a four-year university to complete a bachelor's degree in music education or to advance their studies in music performance. 


theatre students in the LCCC Playhouse

Theatre Program

Theatre has a place for students of all interests. Some are attracted to acting and feel comfortable in front of an audience, while some students prefer to be backstage. It takes all kinds of interests and abilities to create a production. No matter their preference, students can learn a variety of emotional, interpersonal and problem-solving skills in the Theatre program and its productions.

Some graduates may go immediately to work with a theatre company in an urban area like Denver. Other graduates continue their education at a four-year university to become writers, directors, audio and video technicians, teachers and more.