Lifetime Heritage Award

The Lifetime Heritage Award is presented to a person, family or organization in recognition of their support for Laramie County Community College. It also provides an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize all they do for our community. This award is about thanking those who truly inspire people, who see the bigger picture and who recognize the impact of each person doing their part to be involved and engaged in making our community better for the next generation.

Lifetime Heritage Award Recipients

Peter Cook

1996: Peter S. Cook

Esther and John Clay

1997: Esther and John Clay

Union Pacific representatives

1998: Union Pacific

Jessie Chambers

1999: Mrs. Jessie Chambers

Williad Pennoyer

2000: Dr. Willard Pennoyer

Helen Miller

2001: Helen Miller

Anthony and Barbara Andrikopoulos

2002: Anthony and Barbara Andrikopoulos

Randy and Jan Dancliff

2003: Randy and Jan Dancliff

James Lamprecht

2004: James "Jim" C. Lamprecht

William and Marietta Dinneen

2005: William and Marietta Dinneen

John and Dana Metzke

2006: John and Dana Metzke

Matching the Spirit Campaign logo

2007: Honoring all Matching the Spirit Contributors 2004-2007

Jan and W.M. Stalcup

2008: Jan and W.M. Stalcup

George and Mary McIlvaine

2010: George and Mary McIlvaine

Earl and Carol Kabeiesman

2012: Earl and Carol Kabeiesman

Sandra Surbrugg and Robert Prentice

2014: Dr. Sandra Surbrugg and Dr. Robert Prentice

Brenda Laird

2016: Brenda Laird

Randy and Yvonne Ludden

2018: Randy and Yvonne Ludden

photo of Rick and Ibby Davis

2021: Rick and Ibby Davis