Academic Standing

Satisfactory academic standing must be maintained during attendance at the college so students may accomplish their educational goals. A system has been designed to encourage and assist students to attain these goals.

  1. Every student must have a minimum of a 2.0 (C) cumulative grade point average to be granted a degree.
  2. Students may progress toward this goal of satisfactory academic standing if the following standards are met:

Minimum Required Cumulative Grade Point Average

  • 2.0 or better = satisfactory standing
  • 1.99 or less = academic probation
  • Two consecutive semesters with a cumulative GPA of 1.99 or less = academic suspension

Academic Probation/Suspension

Students will be placed on academic probation when their cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below a 2.0 and will be notified by the Office of the Registrar. This will happen shortly after the close of each semester. The purpose of academic probation is to alert students that they haven’t met academic standards, to provide students with the opportunity to assess their academic standing and to offer options to return the student to good standing.

The first semester that a student doesn’t meet academic standards, he/she will be placed on probation. The student will be required to meet with their Academic Advisor to develop a success plan.

Optional resource: Students may choose to use a GPA calculator to help forecast or predict GPA changes.

The second consecutive semester a student doesn’t meet academic standards, he/she will be placed on academic suspension and required to take one semester off from classes at LCCC.

  1. Students may appeal this suspension in writing to the Academic Suspension Appeals Committee for an additional probationary semester.
  2. Students who appeal will be notified of the status of the appeal within 10 business days of receipts of the appeal.
  3. After the one semester break from LCCC, or a successful appeal, an academically suspended student will be able to re-enroll with probationary status by meeting with their Academic Advisor and completing an academic plan designed to help the student meet his/her personal academic goals.

Once a student’s cumulative GPA is back at or above the 2.0 level, he/she is no longer on academic probation/ suspension. Suspended students who achieve a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher but fail to raise their cumulative GPA above a 2.0 may continue taking courses at the discretion of the academic advisor. 

Students who wish to appeal their academic suspension can complete the Academic Suspension Appeal form and process. This process requires an appointment with the student's academic advisor. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment using the Navigate app, or can call 307.778.1214 to make an appointment.

Suspension Appeal Submission Deadlines

Please note that all appeals must be submitted by the deadline for consideration.

Summer 2023 Appeal Submission Deadlines

Semester/Block Start Date

Appeal Submission Deadline

All Summer classes May 24, 2023

Fall 2023 Appeal Submission Deadlines

Semester/Block Start Date

Appeal Submission Deadline

All Fall A Blocks: Aug. 21, 2023 Aug. 14, 2023
All Fall B Blocks (various start dates) Aug. 28, 2023


Academic Forgiveness

Laramie County Community College permits degree- and certificate-seeking students to petition for academic forgiveness of course work that was previously taken at LCCC. The goal of this procedure is to lighten the burden of poor prior performance once a student has demonstrated her/his ability to succeed academically. Students wishing to pursue academic forgiveness should discuss the options available with their academic advisor.

Students can view the full Academic Probation and Suspension Procedure to learn more.