Withdrawal Procedures

In the event a student wishes to withdraw from a course, that student should initiate the process by obtaining an add/drop form from the Student Hub and completing it. Students completely withdrawing from the College are required to see an academic advisor prior to the withdrawal.
For any course, a student may withdraw any time prior to the withdrawal date identified in the Academic Calendar. A grade of “W” will be noted on the transcript for any courses from which the student withdraws.  Any exception to this withdrawal policy must be presented by the student or the instructor to the appropriate school dean. 

Administrative Withdrawals

Laramie County Community College retains the right to administratively withdraw students from courses under circumstances related to financial obligation, academic standing, individual hardship, and discipline or campus safety. Administrative withdrawals may be initiated if the student:

  1. Has a delinquent financial account at the college.
  2. Registered for courses while under suspension or expulsion.
  3. Is physically or psychologically unable to continue classes, or is unable to withdraw personally, and it is judged that the student would have withdrawn if given the opportunity.
  4. Is required to withdraw due to a disciplinary action.
  5. Fails to meet academic process requirements in a selective admission program; the program coordinator may recommend an administrative withdrawal.

Effect of Withdrawals on Financial Aid

A partial or total withdrawal by a student receiving Pell, SEOG, Work Study, or student/parent Direct Loans may impact the student’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  standing. Please review the Financial Aid SAP Policy for information. Additionally, these students may be subject to a Return to Title IV calculation. Students who receive failing or incomplete grades may also be subject to this calculation. In some cases, this calculation results in a charge back of Title IV (federal) financial aid for which the student is responsible. When the Return to Title IV calculation results in a charge back of Title IV financial aid, the student will receive a letter to their home address indicating the amount charged back, the current account balance, and the student’s option for repayment. Questions about Return to Title IV calculations may be directed to the Student Hub.