2013-2014 Annual report at a glance

School enrollment popularity


Degrees & certificates awarded: 840

  • 277 Associate of Arts
  • 116 Associate of Science
  • 249 Associate of Applied Science
  • 196 Certificates of Completion

Annualized enrollment: 5,668


Under 17 256   40-49 360
17-24 3,226   50-59 199
25-29 765   60+ 145
30-39 703   Unknown 14

From where?

Map of Wyoming. Out-of-state 782, International 30, Laramie 3280, Albany 1009, other wy counties 567

Financial breakdown

Expenditures by program


Expenditures by series




For FY2013-2014, expenditures exceed revenue. Funds from the reserve were used to make several investments on campus.

More numbers

  • 68 Academic programs
  • 24 Career programs offer certificates of completion
  • 111 Full-time faculty
  • 277 Part-time faculty
  • 352 Benefited employees
  • 55 Clubs and teams including NJCAA sports

Key performance indicators report

  2012-2013 2013-2014

Overall grade



Key effectiveness indicators

Student participation and achievement C C
Academic preparation C C
Transfer preparation B B
Workforce development B B
Community development B B

Key efficiency indicators

Instructional productivity B B
Fiscal stewardship D C
College affordability B B
Campus climate B B

Laramie County Community College is committed to continuous improvement and the evaluation of institutional performance. This commitment is reflected through an assortment of activities and processes emanating from the college’s mission, vision and strategic plan. Each indicator has multiple performance measures. The results of these measures are analyzed and assigned grades, which are averaged to determine the grade for each indicator and an overall grade for the college’s annual performance. 

Strategic goals

With an eye to the future, a strong desire for excellence and a staunch dedication to student success, LCCC has embraced the following strategic goals to guide its work through 2020. LCCC will continue to provide updates regarding the targeted outcomes that will be used to evaluate its success.

  1. Completion Agenda for the 21st Century
  2. Connections that Improve Student Transitions
  3. An Organizational Culture to Thrive in the Future
  4. A Physically Transformed College

For more complete information, visit LCCC's website and search for “report card” and “strategic planning.”