LCCC Alumna Kim Withers
Kim Withers. Photo by Michael Smith

Kim Withers

More than meets the eye

Imagine you’re a young mother. Your life is incredibly hectic. Free time seems like a far-off memory. The idea of college could seem like some unattainable dream.

But then imagine you’re Kim Withers.

Kim, the CEO for Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union, began her educational path by taking telecourses at LCCC, which she would watch on the weekends. It started with a history class on Saturday mornings, which allowed her the flexibility to still be an attentive mom.

After earning an associate degree in accounting, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Chapman University, a master’s degree in management from Lesley College, and a Ph.D. in banking and finance from Preston University.

“I ended up having a ton of educational degrees, but the one from LCCC ignited something even bigger inside of me,” Kim noted. “Learning is challenging, but there are abundant rewards. From learning, you do. From doing, you choose. From choosing, you influence. From influencing, you create.”

Kim continues that journey to this day. She is also a beekeeper, a hobby she picked up after attending Wyoming Bee College. She’s fascinated when exploring the intricacies of the colony structure or tracking her hives, which she names after cities, since she considers each hive to be a distinct bee city.

“For example, it’s fun to recall which jar of honey came from Nashville.”

And this doesn’t even touch on her involvement in hobby farming, fly fishing, running half-marathons, or planning intricate light and music shows for her house’s exterior during the Christmas season.

Working at Meridian Trust for 24 years, Kim has guided the organization into a leader in the financial arena, with eight locations in two states and more than 23,000 members.

“The people of this organization come from all walks of life,” she said. “It’s been absolutely invigorating to work with them.”

Her work has garnered some serious recognition. She was named Credit Union Executive Society’s Executive of the Year and inducted into that organization’s Hall of Fame. In 2013, Kim received the first “Wyoming Women of Influence” award for banking and finance.

“That was the coolest award I’ve ever received,” said by a woman who knows the value of positively influencing not just her employees, but her community as well.

And it all stared at LCCC.